Project Description

Blind Assist Robot

Maria Shaik Haneef
Computer Engineering Student
Supervised By:
Dr. Alauddin Alomary
 Assistant Professor

Visually impaired people face a lot of difficulty in terms of their independent navigation and this fact is not unfamiliar to the world. Blind Assist Robot works as a guide robot for the blind and visually impaired people. It works in two modes of navigation: completely autonomous as well as voice controlled. It uses Artificial Intelligence services for understanding the intent of the user when spoken to it and uses computer vision in order to detect, analyse and differentiate between types of obstacles in front of it. The project however can be implemented and applied onto many advance levels.


The main objective that has been focused for this project is visually impaired people needing assistance for simple navigation and the following are minor goals to be accomplished within this project that can help aid the visually impaired in any manner possible and for the betterment of society in general.

  • To build an AI enabled autonomous robot that uses image recognition and obstacle sensor to identify the obstacle in front of it and assists the blind through voice navigation.
  • To make an easy to use, robust system that is cost efficient and requires low maintenance.

The end result of the system contains all the objectives that the project was intended on achieving The robot requires little to no maintenance in order to execute its intents The robot works perfectly in both modes it is designed to execute and responds with fast and accurate results in terms of object detection and analyzation.

Conclusion and Future Work

The Robot serves all the objectives mentioned above but it can be further designed to work in a more competent way. A few advances would be:

  • Addition of Alexa a virtual private assistant.
  • Adding wireless, self charging capability to reduce maintenance.
  • Adding GPS interface in order to guide and navigate outdoors independently.
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