Project Description

Smart Energy Grid Using Iot

Mariam Zamir
Computer Engineering Student
 Shamsa Iqbal
Computer Engineering Student
Aliza Zamir
Computer Engineering Student
Supervised By:
Dr. Hessa Al Junaid
 Assistant Professor

IOT has major impact on society, as it encourages machine to machine language and provides solution to every problem IOT is a very vast field and paving its way almost everywhere Smart Energy Grid using IOT is a system which consists of an android application to notify the authorities regarding thefts, an IOT based system which will help to solve electricity disturbance issues The energy consumptions and thefts will be displayed on an LCD screen This system will notify the authorities regarding the thefts and incase of any electrical disturbances the grids will automatically switch eliminating the blackouts providing authorities the time to fix the issue To conclude, the system successfully serves all the intended objectives Further work is suggested in order to make improvements in the system.


The project objectives given below are set by analyzing the two interruption records in Bahrain and by observing the current situation of our country’s grid system in order to provide maintenance, betterment and security:

  • To reconnect the transmission line to an active energy grid which will reduce the probability of widespread blackouts and the information regarding which grid is active will be updated on the website using IoT .
  • Incase of any meter tampering the authorities will be notified through website.
  • To monitor and update the energy consumption on website.
  • Updated energy consumption will be displayed on LCD screen
Procedure Flow

The end system is close to what we expected to be developed The system successfully executes all the functionalities Moreover, the transmission line can connect to active grid eliminating the blackouts This system will notify the authorities through website regarding the theft The status of the grids is shown on the website Also, the updated energy consumption is displayed on the LCD screen.

Conclusion and Future Work

The proposed system serves the objectives mentioned above Some future works:

  • Addition of GPS Module for the authorities to track the theft location.
  • We would like to improve our system by adding theft prevention.
  • Replacing the project components with more accurate and PCB friendly components.
  • We would like to improve our system by adding theft prevention
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