Project Description

Smart Home Application

Mohammed Sarhan
Computer Engineering Student
Supervised By:
Dr. Alauddin Al Omary
 Assistant Professor

The growth of using Smart phones with Wi Fi connection and LED lighting in modern homes led to presence of IoT applications that combines these technologies in smart homes. This project applies and Iot technology for controlling home lighting in modern way using mobile app with microcontroller.


Control Home Lighting remotely and automatically through Blynk IoT Platform.


With Blynk and supported microcontroller, it can easily control the Smart Home device using Blynk IoT platform.

Conclusion and Future Work

The project take many time to finish, due to testing of many microcontrollers and many telecommunication methods, such as Wi Fi and Bluetooth, and testing many shields The project can utilize a mobile application that coded specifically for this project, instead of Blynk Also, using other methods of telecommunications such as Bluetooth and Wi Fi Direct.

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